A to Z responsibility

As a global company with clear responsibilities, our family company has implemented a number of management systems to carry out its sustainable corporate governance. These are based on international standards and are regularly audited by external and independent testing and certification institutes. We guarantee consistent, high product quality through the consistent implementation of the International Featured Standard IFS, an integrated HACCP concept, rigorous application of a QA system and, last but not least, through organic certification.

Our quality management and hygiene systems play an overarching role and are effective at every production level to guarantee the high quality and safety standards of our end products. Our aim is to identify and avoid possible risks in production, packaging and transport.

Slaughter / cutting / processing
Quality-tested Bavarian beef
Quality-tested Bavarian pork





GGA Bavarian Beef



QS slaughter cutting processing












Geprüfte Qualität Bayern Rind
Geprüfte Qualität Bayern Schwein